New App helps you decide when to water your corn.

Netafim USA,  announced today the release of a powerful new mobile app that provides corn growers who use drip irrigation with access to customized irrigation protocols and the agronomic expertise needed to boost crop productivity and reduce overall water use.

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Free to download for iPhone and Android users, the NetMaize app combines farmer inputs such as germination time, crop stage information, soil type and field location, with climate and weather data to develop a tailored drip irrigation protocol for corn growers using drip irrigation. By streamlining the management of variables affecting overall crop productivity, growers are able to better forecast the irrigation needs of their corn crop and maintain precision control over the root zone environment during the plant’s critical growth stages.

In addition to real-time irrigation scheduling, NetMaize’s one-touch sharing function allows growers to instantly send current field data and logs to a crop consultant or Netafim agronomist for review or use in a more comprehensive agronomic plan.

“Simply put, nobody understands their field better than the farmer. By combining grower knowledge with local weather data and more than five decades of Netafim agronomic expertise, NetMaize gives corn farmers the information they need to get the most out of their drip irrigation system,” said Lior Peleg, Head of Strategic Solutions at Netafim.

The NetMaize app enables growers to reap the benefits of drip irrigation, maintaining optimal uniform soil moisture levels, root zone aeration, improved plant health while maximizing water efficiency.

Developed by Netafim’s team of agronomists and drawing on more than 50 years of experience in drip irrigation, NetMaize requires only a few simple steps to get started. The app uses a clean, easy-to-read app interface and communicates input instructions, information and irrigation requirements in a clear and simple manner, allowing farmers to make quicker and more informed decisions about the irrigation needs of their crop.

“It is like having a drip irrigation expert in your pocket at all times,” added Peleg.

The NetMaize app is free to download and available through the Apple iTunes Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android

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