Handy trailer for any farm.

We all know the importance of a trailer on a farm and just about every farm has one, from a little 6×4 trailer to large trailers that can cart wheat, corn, livestock etc.

One of the most innovative trailers we’ve seen has been designed and built by Vahva Jussi, a company specialising in forestry products based in Estonia. Although most of their products are aimed at the forestry market, one of their trailers will be a handy addition to any farming operation. The trailer measures 2 meters in length and has a crane mounted on the A-frame with a lifting capacity of 1000 kg (2200 lbs). The tray of the trailer can be completely removed or used as a tip tray using the built in hydraulics. The trailer is small enough to be towed with a four-wheeler with the only modification needed on the four-wheeler, a hydraulic pump. To see the trailer and crane in action, check out the video aboveĀ and for more information visit their website, HERE.

Video: Vahva Jussi
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