Aaaand Farmer magazine is live!

by Louis Snyman


It has been an exciting year here at Farmer Magazine. Almost exactly a year ago we purchased a license to publish magazines on Apple’s newsstand. Since then we have been planning, designing and preparing our first magazine for publishing. It was a steep learning curve, but thanks to some brilliant guidance by our licencor we were able to not only prepare the app that allows the readers to actually read the magazine, but also compile our first magazine issue.

Farmer magazine on ipad

For those of you that don’t know yet, Farmer Magazine  is a magazine for farmers or agriculturalists in general. One of the exiting things about a digital magazine publication is that it give us the ability to include rich content such as videos, website links and more. As a matter of fact we are quite excited about what we will discover long the way with this new way of publishing.

So after all that preparation work the time finally came to submit our hard work to Apple for approval. After a few e-mails, back and forth our app was finally approved.

It was a very proud moment to finally see our app appearing on Apple’s Newsstand. On that note we are proud to present you with Farmer magazine. Available exclusively on Apple’s Newsstand (and coming soon to the Google Play store as well).
To purchase a copy of Farmer Magazine and explore the magic hidden in it’s pages, CLICK HERE.

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