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We are happy to announce that we have created a text-only version of our current (June) issue. What is a “text-only” version I hear you ask? Text-only versions of the articles are stripped down versions. No fancy kerning or double columns or anything like that. It is basically the text from the article in a single column format. So why a text-only version? Text only versions makes it a lot easier to read the articles on smaller devices like the iPhone and iPod’s. Whilst the magazine looks pretty on these smaller devices, the moment you zoom in to read the article it becomes harder to navigate. Because the text version is a single column there is no need to zoom for an easier reading experience.

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Do you loose any of the rich interactive content in a text-only version? No, absolutely not! All the videos and hyper-links are still there and you can easily switch between the full and text versions.

Text-only version icon
Tap the T icon to display the text only version.

So how do you enable the text-only version? If you have already downloaded and issue, the next time you open it a message will pop up telling you there is a newer version available of that issue. Download the newer version and open the magazine as usual. To enable the text-only option, simply tap and hold the screen ’till the menu options appear at the top of the screen. Tap on the T icon and you will see the text-only version of the magazine ( see photo above). To switch back to the full version, tap and hold the screen again, ’till the menu appears and select the little iPad icon (see photo below).

iPad icon in menu
Tap the little iPad icon to return to the full version.


Does the text only version cost any extra? No, definitely not. We provide the text version to enhance the reader experience, after all we want you, the reader to enjoy reading Farmer Magazine as much as we do putting it together for you.

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To download and subscribe to Farmer Magazine, click below and don’t forget our first issue is available at only $3.99 (the price normally reserved for subscribers). From issue 2 onwards it will be $4.99 (US app store). So buy/subscribe today.


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